Plumbing Code and Theory – Journeyman and Master Fall 2024


All students must bring the 2023  current MA Plumbing and Gas Code Book to all classes. For Tier 1 students, there will be a $32 fee when you take the required online OSHA 10 hour training and a $10 fee for the required Hot Works Certification.

Plumbing Fall 2024

Tier 1Mon and Wed5:30-9:30 pmSept 4 - Dec 19
Tier 2Mon and Wed5:30-9:30 pmSept 4 - Dec 19
Tier 3Tue and Thu5:30-9:30 pmSept 3 - Dec 18
Tier 4Mon and Wed5:30-9:30 pmSept 4 - Dec 19
Tier 5Tue and Thu5:30-9:30 pmSept 3 - Dec 18

Please contact the instructors below if you have questions about your class:

  1. Tier 1 – Mark Paldino
  2. Tier 2 & Tier 3 – Patrick Fahey –
  3. Tier 4 or Tier 5 – Alan D’Allessandro –
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Apprentice – Journeyman – Master

Would you like to become a licensed plumber? Becoming a plumber is a two-pronged process that includes practical training and study. In Massachusetts, a hopeful plumber begins an apprenticeship program to receive technical education and complete the required hours of on-the-job training under a licensed master plumber.

To work independently, a plumber is required to receive a license. An applicant will not receive credit for work experience and education unless they were completed in conjunction with one another as measured by calendar years. For each year in which an apprentice obtains 110 clock hours of education, that apprentice must accrue 1700 clock hours of qualifying work experience with some exceptions:

  • An unlicensed individual may complete Tier I of the education requirement prior to obtaining an apprentice license.
  • A licensed apprentice may complete Tier I and Tier II in a single calendar year.
  • In the event that an apprentice is enrolled in a tier but loses their employment, they shall be permitted to complete the tier they are enrolled in.


There’s also an exam to test technical know-how and understanding of plumbing codes. According to the Massachusetts State Board of Plumbers and Pipefitters, before you take the licensing exam you must have an apprentice license, 5 years of on-the-job training, 550 hours (110 per year) of classroom instruction in plumbing code and theory from an approved school, and work for a master plumber.

Approved school by the MA Board of State Examiners of Plumbers and Gas Fitters.

GI Bill® Benefits Approved

If you are a Veteran or other eligible beneficiary, please provide a Certificate of Eligibility (VA form 22-1990) or Statement of Benefit prior to enrollment.

Requirements are subject to change at any time by the State of Massachusetts.

Tier I – First Year Lessons (16 weeks/110 hours)

LESSON 1: Introduction to Plumbing 6 hours
LESSON 2: Safety & Installation Practices 10 hours
LESSON 3: Education and Experience Requirements 248 CMR 3.00 and 11.00 6 hours
LESSON 4: Materials, Tools, and Joining Methods used in Plumbing 18 hours
LESSON 5: Valves and Devices Used in Plumbing 9 hours
LESSON 6: Residential Blueprint Reading 15 hours
LESSON 7: Math 40 hours
LESSON 8: Definitions 6 hours
TOTAL 110 hours

Tier II Second Year Lessons (16 weeks/110 hours)

LESSON 1: Drainage 3 hours
LESSON 2: Building Sanitary Waste and Venting System 6 hours
LESSON 3: Allowable Materials and Approval Procedures 3 hours
LESSON 4: Plumbing Traps 6 hours
LESSON 5: Cleanouts 3 hours
LESSON 6: Plumbing Code 6 hours
LESSON 7: Potable Water Supply 12 hours
LESSON 8: Math 32 hours
LESSON 9: Gas Fitting 24 hours
LESSON 10: Blueprint Reading 9 hours
LESSON 11: Definitions 6 hours
TOTAL 110 hours

Tier III Third Year Lessons (16 weeks/110 hours)

LESSON 1: Venting 21 hours
LESSON 2: Drainage 18 hours
LESSON 3: Water Supply 18 hours
LESSON 4: Testing & Safety 6 hours
LESSON 5: Storm Drains 9 hours
LESSON 6: Gas Code 16 hours
LESSON 7: Fixture Installation 12 hours
LESSON 8: Definitions 10 hours
TOTAL 110 hours

Tier IV Fourth Year Lessons (16 weeks/110 hours)

LESSON 1: Gas Code 27 hours
LESSON 2: General Provisions 6 hours
LESSON 3: Scope and Jurisdiction 3 hours
LESSON 4: Drainage Piping 24 hours
LESSON 5: Water Supply 12 hours
LESSON 6: Fixture Installations 12 hours
LESSON 7: Hospital Fixtures 3 hours
LESSON 8: Manufactured Homes & Construction Trailers 3 hours
LESSON 9: Public and Semi-Public Swimming Pools 3 hours
LESSON 10: Vacuum Drainage Systems 3 hours
LESSON 11: Basic Principles 6 hours
LESSON 12: Definitions 8 hours
TOTAL 110 hours

Tier V Fifth Year Lessons (16 weeks/110 hours)

LESSONS 1 – 4: Plumbing & Gas Code Review 95 hours
LESSON 5: Business Related Costs 15 hours
TOTAL 110 hours


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