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Online Classes

Beginning Conversational French $115Discover how easy it can be to learn common words and phrases for both leisure and business.
Conversational Japanese $115Whether you want to learn conversational Japanese for travel or just for fun, you'll find this course makes it easy and enjoyable for beginners to master the essentials of the Japanese language.
Discover Sign Language $115Discover the fun of learning sign language and using your hands to communicate.
Get Funny! $115Learn how to use humor to speak more effectively, write better, and increase your popularity.
Grammar for ESL $129If English is your second language and you're headed to college, this course will teach you the principles of grammar and structure you'll need to succeed.
Instant Italian $115This dynamic course will teach you how to express yourself comfortably in Italian. You'll read, hear, and practice dialogues of everyday words which will teach you to communicate in a wide variety of settings.
Spanish for Law Enforcement $129Master the fundamentals of the Spanish language by practicing basic conversational skills and learning essential Spanish terminology for law enforcement situations.
Spanish in the Classroom $129Learn the essential Spanish for teachers so you can communicate effectively with your Spanish-speaking students and parents.
Speed Spanish $125Learn six easy recipes to glue Spanish words together into sentences, and you'll be engaging in conversational Spanish in no time.
Speed Spanish II $125Follow-up to the popular Speed Spanish course with several new ways to help you build fluency.
Speed Spanish III $125Master your ability to speak, understand, and read Spanish by taking the final installment in this unique three-part Speed Spanish learning series.
Speed Spanish Series $340Learn shortcuts to help you engage in conversational Spanish, as you build your language skills and develop fluency.