Electrical Code and Theory – Journeyman Fall 2023


All students must bring a current NFPA 70 National Electrical Code Book to all classes.

Fall 2023 - 75 Hour Modules

Module (Level)DaysTimeDates
Module 1 (Level 1A)Mon and Wed 5:00-8:00pmSept 6 to Dec 6
Module 2 (Level 1B)Tues and Thurs5:00-8:00pmSept 5 to Nov 30
Module 3(Level 2A)Mon and Wed5:00-8:00pmSept 6 to Dec 6
Module 4 (Level 2B) Tues and Thurs5:00-8:00pmSept 5 to Nov 30
Module 5 (Level 3A)Mon and Wed 5:00-8:00pmSept 6 to Dec 6
Module 6 (Level 3B) Tues and Thurs5:00-8:00pmSept 5 to Nov 30
Mod 7&8 (Level 4A &B)Tues and Thurs5:00-8:00pmSept 5 to Nov 30

Please contact the instructors below if you have questions about your class:

  1. Level 1 A (Module 1) Kevin Peloquin – [email protected]
  2. Level 1 B (Module 2) Steve Price – [email protected]
  3. Level 2 A (Module 3) Kevin Moore- [email protected]
  4. Level 2B (Module 4) Eric Cousineau- [email protected]
  5. Level 3A (Module 5)  Joe Lonergan – [email protected]
  6. Level 3B (Module 6) Joe Lonergan – [email protected]
  7. Level 4A &4B (Module 7& 8) – Kevin Peloquin – [email protected]
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Would you like to become a licensed electrician?


Journeyman electricians install and repair wiring and electrical systems in residences, factories and businesses. They inspect the wiring, circuit breakers and transformers and need to be familiar with building code regulations to ensure that all of the electrical work done on a project is up to code. They also need to know how to read blueprints so that they can ensure that systems are installed correctly and that they’re in the right place.

According to the MA State Board of Electrical Examiners, before you take the Journeyman licensing exam you must complete 8000 hours of employment (approximately 4 years) as an apprentice under the direct supervision of a holder of a MA Journeyman’s license and 600 hours of classroom instruction (Modules 1 – 8) in electrical code and theory from an approved school based on the current National Electrical Code. Apprentices will not be given credit for work experience completed 6 years prior to the successful completion date of their Board approved education.

You may start working as an electrical apprentice first, or you may start classes first, or do both concurrently.

Journeyman Electrician Education – 75 hours per module

Level 1 (150 hours):

Module 1: Jobsite and Electrical Safety, Introduction to the National Electrical Code and Process, DC/Alarm Theory, and Basic Math.

Module 2: Electrical Bonding and Grounding, Low Voltage Systems and Controls, Fire Warning and Security Systems, and Design and Testing.

Level 2 (150 hours):

Module 3: National Electrical Code application of DC Theory, Massachusetts Electrical Code and Amendments, and Wiring Methods.

Module 4: Fiber, Data and Communications Wiring and Systems, Massachusetts Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Electrical Wiring, and Conduct of Technicians and Apprentices Including Inspection Requirements. General Review of all subjects covered.

Level 3 (150 hours):

Module 5: Electricians Math and Basic Electrical Formulas, Electrical Circuit, AC Theory, Raceway, Outlet boxes and conductor fill, and Conductor Selection and Over-current Protection.

Module 6: Branch Circuit /Feeder/ Service Requirements, Branch Circuit/Feeder/ Service Calculations and Voltage Drops, Motors, Controls and Transformers Requirements, Use of Code book tables and examples, and Swimming Pools and similar Installations.

Level 4 (150 hours):

Module 7: One Family Dwelling Calculations, Multi-family Dwelling Calculations, Commercial Load Calculations, and Use of Code book tables and examples.

Module 8: Motor Calculations, Transformer Calculations, Review of Board rules and Regulations, and Review of Massachusetts General Laws applicable to Electricians, General Review of all subjects covered.

GI Bill® Benefits Approved

If you are a Veteran or other eligible beneficiaryplease provide a Certificate of Eligibility (VA form 22-1990) or Statement of Benefit prior to enrollment.

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Module 1 (Level 1 A) – Fall, Module 2 (Level 1B) – Fall, Module 3 (Level 2A) – Fall, Module 4 (Level 2 B) -Fall, Module 5 (Level 3 A) – Fall, Module 6 (Level 3B) – Fall, Module 7 (Level 4A) – Fall, Module 8 (Level 4B) – Fall


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