Photography I, Tuesdays, 6–8 pm, February 24 to March 17

Photography II, Tuesdays, 6–8 pm, March 24 to April 14

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Photography I – Using Your Digital Camera

Time: 4 classes, Tuesdays, 6-8 pm, February 25 to March 17
Cost: $85

This course is for the beginner to digital photography. Although Photo I is geared to the digital format, those with traditional (film) cameras will also benefit from this class. We will discuss and learn the total photographic process and about the camera and how it functions. Shutter speed, f-stops, ISO and their relationship to each other will be thoroughly explained. You will learn about white balance, composition and lenses among many things related to photography. This basic knowledge will allow you to explore your photographic vistas with confidence.

Photography II – More about Digital Photography

Time: 4 classes, Tuesdays, 6-8 pm, March 24 to April 14
Cost: $85

This course is an extension of Photography I. Although Photography I is not required, a good knowledge of your camera is essential to benefit fully from this class. The student should have a knowledge of ISO, f-stops, shutter speed, depth of field and basic composition, although a quick review will be given in class. A digital SLR or film SLR will greatly enhance your learning experience. As a class, we will fine tune our understanding of depth of field, composition, flash techniques and use of lenses among other things. If you have reached an impasse in your photographic endeavors, this course will start the “juices” flowing again. All photo enthusiasts are welcome.


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