Bring Balance to Your Budget: Tuesday, September 28
College – Getting There from Here: Wednesday, October 6
Social Security – Your Questions Answered: Tuesday, October 12
Medicare: Wednesday, October 20
Creating Your Retirement Paycheck: Tuesday, October 26

Time: 6:30-8 pm, 1 class, 1.5 hours

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Take control of your financial life!  Our instructor, Jeff Punier, is a financial analyst at Edward Jones Investments.  Come with questions!  Jeff has experience and perspective to assist you with your personal needs.

Bring Balance to Your Budget – This workshop is designed to help you sharpen your spending and saving strategy. You’ll learn more about the basics of Budgeting and the importance of managing credit and debt.

College: Getting There from Here – Whether your children of grandchildren are learning to crawl or learning to drive, you can help make a college education a reality. We’ll discuss questions to consider as you establish a college savings goal, strategies to help you reach your goal, and the features and benefits of 529 education savings plans.

Creating Your Retirement Paycheck – As retirement nears, the purpose of your portfolio begins to change. It no longer has to get you to retirement; it has to get you through retirement. This report provides guidance on how to provide for your income needs throughout retirement.

Medicare – The increasing cost of health care is a growing concern for current and future retirees. In fact, 25 years ago, retirees spent almost twice as much on food as health care; now the amounts are nearly equal. In this presentation, we will discuss: Medicare coverage and traditional medical expenses, long-term care expenses and strategies for addressing uncovered expenses.

Social Security: Your Questions Answered– This is an educational program for people who are nearing retirement, ages 55 and up who have questions about social security. During this seminar, we’ll help answer these questions:

  • How does Social Security fit into my retirement income plan?
  • When should I start taking benefits?
  • What about taxes?


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