Hands-On Classes

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ClassDayTime# of ClassesFee
Adirondack Chair MakingThu6-8:30 pm5$165
Artisan BreadMon6-8:30 pm1$45
CAD/CAM, G-Code and CNCWed and Thu6-9 pm20$595
Citizenship EducationTue6:30-8:30 pm20$395
Clinical Medical AssistantTue-Thu5:30-9:30 pm35$1,195
Coastal Window WorkshopTue6:30-8:30 pm1$55
Conversational ItalianTue6:30-8:30 pm8$195
CrochetWed6:30-8:30 pm4$85
Decorative Furniture PaintingWed6-9 pm2$125
EKG TechnicianMon and Wed6-9 pm16$695
Electrical Level 1A (Module 1)Tue and Thu5:30-8:30 pm25$595
Electrical Level 1B (Module 2)Mon and Wed5:30-8:30 pm25$595
Electrical Level 2A (Module 3)Mon and Wed5:30-8:30 pm25$595
Electrical Level 2B (Module 4)Tue and Thu5:30-8:30 pm25$595
Electrical Level 3A (Module 5)Tue and Thu5:30-8:30 pm25$595
Electrical Level 3B (Module 6)Mon and Wed5:30-8:30 pm25$595
Electrical Level 4A (Module 7)Mon and Wed5:30-8:30 pm25$595
Electrical Level 4B (Module 8)Tue and Thu5:30-8:30 pm25$595
Electronic Health Records SpecialistTue and Thu6-9 pm16$595
Bring Balance to Your BudgetTue6:30-8 pm1$25
College: Getting There from HereWed6:30-8 pm1$25
Creating Your Retirement PaycheckTue6:30-8 pm1$25
MedicareWed6:30-8 pm1$25
Social Security: Your Questions AnsweredTue6:30-8 pm1$25
Genealogy – The ABC’s of Family HistoryThu6-8 pm4$85
Conversational GermanThu6:30-8:30 pm8$195
Golf - BeginnersTue or Wed5:30-6:30 pm6$145
Golf - BeginnersSat3-4 pm6$145
Golf - GolfersThu5:30-6:30 pm6$145
Guitar for Singing - 101Tue6-7:302$35
Guitar Soloing - 102Tue6-7:302$35
Music Theory for Guitar - 201Tue6-7:306$395
Spooks and Spiders – Halloween CenterpieceTue6-8 pm1$45
Hoisting LicenseTue5:30-9:30 pm1$85
Evergreen WreathTue6-8 pm1$45
Holiday Boxwood TreeTue6-8 pm1$45
Mixed Evergreen CenterpieceTue6-8 pm1$45
Home ImprovementsTue6:30-8:30 pm8$165
Jams and SpreadsMon6-8:30 pm1$45
Knife SkillsMon6-8:30 pm1$45
KnittingMon6:30-8:30 pm4$85
Manicurist – Nail TechnicianTue and Thu5:30-9:30 pm25$1,250
Memoir WritingWed6-8 pm6$125
Oxygen AerobicsMon5:30-6:30 pm8$85
Pharmacy TechnicianTue and Thu6-8:30 pm20$595
Phlebotomy TechnicianTue and Thu6-9:30 pm24$1,295
PhotographyTue6-8 pm4$85
Plumbing - Tier 1Mon and Wed5:30-9:3028$895
Plumbing - Tier 2Mon and Wed5:30-9:3028$895
Plumbing - Tier 3Tue and Thu5:30-9:3028$895
Plumbing - Tier 4Mon and Wed5:30-9:3028$895
Plumbing - Tier 5Tue and Thu5:30-9:3028$895
Rubber StampingTue6:30-8:30 pm4$85
Conversational SpanishMon6:30-8:30 pm8$195
Thanksgiving ArrangementTue6-8 pm1$45
WeldingMon and Wed6-8:308$495
Yamaha Outboard SystemsTue and Thu5:30-9:30 pm20$795
YogaTue5:30-6:30 pm6$65